Friday, January 2, 2009

Strange Dreams - 11/21/08

Apparently, vivid dreams come with the pregnancy territory, and I normally have at least 2 every night. Some of them are baby-related and some aren't. Here are a couple of the more interesting ones:

1) A few weeks ago, I dreamt that I was pregnant, but that pregnancy meant that I held the baby in my hands 24/7. Each week, a nurse would stop by and say, "Congratulations, you're X weeks pregnant!" and give me new parts (fingers, toes, etc) to put on the baby.
2) About a week ago, I dreamt that LA was pregnant with triplets, and that I found out about it on her blog.
3) Last weekend, I dreamt that J and I were living in an apartment in Charlotte, and his old army buddies (in this dream, he had been in the army) came up to "help" him with some money he owed. But they gave him this Kool-Aid that made him really sick, and they stood there and laughed. I got really angry and cussed them out and threatened to kill them! (That was a stressful dream.)

Weird, I know!

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