Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Dream and Funny Students

I had another baby dream last night. I dreamt that I gave birth and - surprise - the baby was a girl instead of a boy! All I could think was, "Well, we can't name her Russell!" And for some reason, right after she was born, my aunt Jane took care of her for a few days before Jason and I got her. She was the most beautiful baby - blonde hair and blue eyes. (For those who wonder, though, I am very happy about having a boy - this was not a subconscious desire!)

Also, today was a funny day at school. I haven't told the students that I'm pregnant yet - my teacher thought I should wait until I'm showing a little more. However, while the students were doing some independent vocabulary work today, L came up to me and said, "T said you look like you're going to have a baby!" I just laughed and said, "Well, maybe I ate too many Christmas cookies!" Apparently several other children heard L's statement, and they started discussing whether or not I looked pregnant and if they thought I was really having a baby. Of course, I did get them back on task, but it really amused me! Maybe I will need to tell them sooner than later!

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