Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun Facts...and Clothes! - 12/17/08

Fun baby facts at 13 weeks (from various sources): 1) baby is the size of a peach, 2) baby has fingerprints now, 3) bones are starting to grow!

Fun mommy-to-be facts: 1) I haven't gained any weight so far, 2) I think my tummy is getting a bit bigger, but most people can't tell yet, 3) NO MORE MORNING SICKNESS!!!

Fun daddy-to-be facts: 1) the first thing out of J's mouth these days is "we're having a baby" - he's so excited to tell people, 2) the drums are probably moving to Honky's house - and I am not disappointed, 3) he is very relieved that I'm not sick anymore - it really worried him!

And clothes, clothes, clothes: I ordered maternity clothes from EBay about 3 weeks ago...and they finally came! They are too big right now, but a lot of my regular clothes don't fit right either, so I am at this weird in-between stage right now. Also, J's cousin is going to let me borrow her clothes, as is one of our friends from church! I am so excited and feel so blessed, because buying the whole maternity wardrobe would be quite expensive.

So, things are going very well! We love you all and are so grateful for the prayers and well-wishes :)

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