Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dream and This Week's Plans

Last night, I dreamt about our little boy - yes, still having all those crazy, vivid pregnancy dreams. In the dream, he was only 2 days old (but looked more like 6 months old), and I didn't remember giving birth, or what we had named him, or anything. Then people told me that I had an emergency delivery where they had to give me lots of drugs, so that's why I didn't remember, and Jason decided to name him Amos (which I hate, btw). But he was a little cutie! He looked just like Jason - bald head and all (Jason was bald until 2 years old).

In other news, I start student teaching on Monday - wow! That's when I'm planning to tell the other teachers I work with and the other master's students in my cohort. Not sure when I'll tell the third graders; maybe I'll get Mrs. H's advice on that. Then, I have another measure and listen appointment on Friday, so I'll get to hear his little heartbeat again!

We've got a pretty busy weekend until then: lots of errands today, then church and Casey's first birthday party tomorrow! Happy birthday little guy! :)

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