Monday, March 27, 2017

Random Misc

We found a fun, new park near us that we call "the sheep park" because there are about 10 large sheep sculptures that the kids love to play on, like this one:

Daphne, you are growing SO fast. Learning to keep up with the big kids at every turn, and loving it.

Fun with giant chess pieces at the children's museum:

Our littlest (13%) Irish lass on St Patrick's Day:

When we moved here, I was looking to continue Russell and Meredith's swimming since they both enjoy it so much, and I also wanted to have Paige start lessons so she would be ready for summer. 

We happened upon a homeschool swim program run by a sincere and kind Christian family, and we love it! The kids are well-trained and well-coached, the other families and children are so friendly and well-mannered, and our kids have been improving and having a great time. 

Meredith and Paige are taking beginner lessons, while Russell takes competitive stroke lessons, twice a week. They get a half-hour lesson and a half-hour of free swim. It's an awesome homeschool PE program :)

(Daphne gets to stay home and nap while Jason works from home, since the lessons happen during naptime.)

We sometimes sneak in schoolwork before or after lessons while at the pool:

The head coach prays with the kids before lessons:

The organization has leveled competitive swim teams up through high school, so as long as the kids keep loving swimming, we plan to keep going with this program!

CC School Fun

The kids and I are all still really enjoying our CC group here; it's a highlight of our week.

Meredith and Evie have become really good friends. Evie invited Meredith to her house for a "pajamas and school" morning - both girls loved it!

We often eat lunch with the K family after CC and play with them on the playground!

Russell and Campbell were partners for a bridge-building physics activity. Their bridge will be tested next week - we'll see if it holds up!

The items in this picture are so special to me. My CC secret sis gave me the plaque, which is decorating our music room at home. And the other item is a portrait of Paige, hand-sketched by our 13-year-old nursery leader Janey. She handed it to me with no fanfare a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at her talent - I had no idea!

First Dentist Visit

Paige did so well at her first dental cleaning! She loved the big chair, talking the ears off of the hygenist, the funny spinner toothbrush, and the prizes. What a big girl!