Saturday, August 6, 2016

Swim Team Banquet 2016

Russell and Meredith had their swim team banquet on Sunday! This was their first time attending any sort of banquet. They enjoyed it :)

Here they are with the rest of the 6 and under team. (I think Russell intentionally hid behind the kid in navy - he gets nervous at these types of things!)

They all got medals, and they got to keep their poster strip which has their best times written down as well as how often they dropped time. (The posters were displayed at the practices the morning after a meet.)

Their team gives each swimmer a "paper plate award." The coaches get up and say something funny/sweet/cute about each kid and gives them a silly award that identifies them that season. The kids LOVED it. (And they love their sweet friend Chloe!)

They were sad to see swim team end. We'll be back next summer!

Da Bears

We randomly figured out that the Chicago Bears training camp was this week, so we planned a little drive over there! (Kacki graciously stayed home to watch Daphne.) We went on Friday, which was named "Blue and Orange" day. We saw the Bears practice, ate hot dogs, and had fun in the Kids' Zone - all totally free! I have no Kids' Zone pics, but the kids loved it - they got their faces painted, made friendship bracelets, saw decked-out tailgating vehicles, and got balloon animals! Such a fun day.

Hoping to go back next year!

Paw Paw and Kacki's August Visit

We had a wonderful week with P and K here!

(These pictures are totally out of order for the week, but anyway...)

We all went to Giordano's for dinner one night (of course, our favorite!) and then walked on the Riverwalk a bit:

Paw Paw took a few spins with Russell at the park:

Played games:

Read books:

While they were here, Daphne learned how to pull up on the walls - she's very proud of herself :)

Such a good picture of Kacki and the kids!

They are so helpful and loving - really couldn't ask for better in-laws and it couldn't have been a better visit :) Come back soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

24 hours with good friends

Our sweet, close friends, the H family from NC, came and stayed with us for a night this week! (They were in the middle of a 2-week trip around the Midwest). We have missed them so much and it was such a treat to have them come our way! 

We colored, had pizza, went to the pool, went to the park, played. We introduced them the Chicago-style hotdogs. Even the adults had plenty of time to catch up. 

See you again in December!

Paige at 3

Paige is the funniest, most cheerful person we know :) She is just a joy to be around!

She has met all her three-year-old milestones (speaking, fine motor, gross motor, academic) and then some. The doctor said she met most of the four-year-old milestones as well. {It's my blog and I'll brag if I want to! ;)}

Favorite food: bananas
Favorite TV show: Space Racers
Favorite Book: her new Shopkins book
Color: pink

She is in about the 80th percentile for height and weight.

Beautiful, healthy, fun, and sweet! We love you Paigey!

11 months old!

Daphne is 11 months old!

She has definitely grown from a baby into an almost-toddler this month! She is pulling up, climbing stairs (yikes), saying words, and sporting a little ponytail for the first time! (Gotta keep the hair out of her eyes :))

Daphne is waving and saying "bye-bye," "Dada," "Hey," and "yeah."

Her favorite food is cheese.

She is totally teething these days - I'm thinking one-year molars. It is rough.

She loves being read to after nap time.

She is still the kids' favorite person of all time :) ...even though she does try to take all their stuff now!

Sweet, growing baby girl!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Paige's Birthday Party

We had Paige's third birthday celebration last night! We had a little party with some of her friends at a small, children's-museum type of place. She had a total blast. 

Funny Paige moment: she had to tell everyone "This is my birthday outfit. These are NOT pajamas." (Apparently she thought her birthday outfit looked like pajamas!)

The other kids had a blast too!

(Russell was having a "fight" with this lion.)

Paige's friend Micah came:

And Valerie! (And one more, Linnea, of whom I didn't get a picture.)

We had a pizza dinner. Everyone had to have a party hat. Paige LOVES and insists on party hats at every birthday!

Daphne enjoyed the pizza too! (and she didn't mind the party hat, although she preferred to chew on it.)

Paige chose a Hello Kitty bithday cake. She sang "happy birthday" along with everyone else!

She got some sweet presents. She said "you're welcome" for all of them :) and tried to give the first one back! We said, "no, they're yours to keep" and she said, "why?" 

Well, it was her first birthday party (besides the one she shared with Russell when she turned one) so I guess she didn't quite get it!

We love you, Paige! You make our world brighter :)