Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tree Climbers

There's a tree in our front yard that the kids have really taken to climbing. (The neighbor kids have, too :))

Valentine's Day

We heart Valentine's Day!

We started the day with everyone giving each other homemade valentines at breakfast. I love to see the kids' creativity and kindness in making these for each other! Jason and I also give the kids each a little gift - this year, they each got a stuffed animal.

After breakfast, we got ready for our CC Valentine's Day review party! There were school review games, Minute to Win It games, pizza, lots of desserts, and valentines. The kids said it was the best CC day ever :)

Birthday Fun

For about a year, I've been enjoying running as my exercise of choice. It's cheap (no gym memberships), it's quiet and peaceful (no loud children ;)),  and it totally gets me in shape in a few runs per week.

So I decided to invite some friends and family to run a 5K with me for my birthday, and then we had a little party!

My 5K time was 30:30 - 9:50 per mile. My best so far (which is really pretty slow, especially compared to Jason, who ran it at an 8:50/mile pace) - but it was fun! And a beautiful day to run.

Jon, Meghan, and kids came over after:

And Jason and I had a nice birthday date at a new restaurant:

Perfect birthday!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"I'm Not Tired"

Paige's favorite thing to say, every afternoon: "I'm not tired and I don't need a nap." But on Wednesday, this little girl fell asleep on the couch at 5 pm, was taken to bed, and didn't get up until 7 am :)

Short Drive to Family

Oh my, it's SO wonderful to live so close to family again! It takes 1.5ish hours to get to Jason's grandmother and aunts/uncles/cousins. That is nothing compared to what the kids are used to!

We visited this past weekend and the kids were excited to get late Christmas presents and to try Granny's Donuts (which is Paw Paw's favorite donut shop). We also got to go to a friend's gender reveal party, and we visited our old Westover Church (where the kids saw friends that they remembered :)). It was a lovely visit.

Daphne had no problems going to Nanny and sat in her lap to rock, read books, and look at her new doggy :) Nanny loved it!

The girls love Aunt Kim!

It was raining and the kids got a little crazy on Paw Paw.

Hoping to go back often!

New CC!

After our move, we knew we wanted to get involved with another Classical Conversations group right away - and we found one that meets within walking distance of our house! (We haven't actually walked there yet - can't get out of the house on time - but theoretically we will one day!)

Our first day back ended up being Pajama Day (Russell did not participate but Mer did):

They have each made a couple of new friends (and Paige has made one too). 

I took a picture of Russell's class's "pepper run" science experiment, also. The kids were amazed at how a small drop of dishsoap reacted with the bowl of water to make the pepper "run" to the edges of the bowl :)

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Look who's growing up! Meredith got her ears pierced today at her favorite store, Claire's :) She has been asking for at least a year, so we gave it to her as a Christmas present.


After (well, after she stopped crying and I got her an Icee!)