Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fall Pics 2017

I don't usually put these on the blog until after I've sent Christmas cards - but then I forgot to post them last year! So I'm posting these now so that I won't forget. But, spoiler alert - one of these will be our Christmas card :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin Patch with Cousins

While our boys went camping with Royal Rangers this weekend, the girls and I went pumpkin patching with Uncle Jon, Aunt Meghan, Ella, Ava, Pops, and Mimi. It was a sweet, small pumpkin patch with an inexpensive hayride, and the girls loved it.

CC Science Fair 2017-2018

This year, our CC group held the science fair in the fall. Russell, Meredith, and Paige each wanted to make their own project to participate. Paw Paw and Pops and Mimi came to watch the presentations. It was a great evening!

Paige's purpose was to find out what would happen when pouring hot water on a circle of Reeces Pieces (and we did it with our little friend Ethan :))

Russell's purpose was to discover how much force it took to blow a Star Wars figure one inch across various surfaces.

Meredith's purpose was to find out which one of our fidget spinners would spin for the longest time.

Paige was too shy to actually present her project (which didn't surprise me), but the other kids did a great job! They all designed their boards and told me what to type. We all worked hard and ust like last year, although it was an optional activity, we were glad we did it.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge!

After Hurricane Irma messed with our plans for Disney World (which was supposed to happen this week), we scrambled and found a Groupon for Great Wolf Lodge. Our family and Uncle Jon and Aunt Meghan's family ended up there for a few days, and it was a wonderful family vacation!

First Day - Wednesday -

The kids loved the Kid Kabin room we booked! We stuck Daphne's pack n play in between the bunk beds and the twin bed, so they all got to sleep in there.

Meredith and Ella in the wave pool:

Jason, Russell, and Meredith loved the water slides! Meredith was not tall enough to do them all, but she did this one (below) and a few others. Uncle Jon loved the water slides too :)

GWL had great kids' activities in addition to the waterpark, like face painting:

Our Groupon came with $100 to spend in the restaurants, so we ate dinner ate the Lodge both nights. It was delicious!

After the show at the clock tower and story time in jammies. (Ava has really started to gravitate to Russell, and he loves it! He loves babies!)

Second Day - Thursday - 

We got all of our kids wands for MagiQuest - an interactive scavenger hunt with adventures and duels. Russell and Ella (whom we let borrow Daphne's wand) loved it the most!

Russell slayed the dragon!

Paige was scared of the dragon, so she and Daphne and I met Brinley Bear :)

Arcade time:

Down time - reading by the fireplace. I love the bond these cousins already share:

Family picture!

More face painting (and silly faces)! Meredith and Ella were both "rainbow kitties." Paige was a Monarch butterfly. Daphne got a heart on her cheek (even though you can't see it!)

 Third Day - Friday - 

The girl cousins all met up for early morning yoga:

 Then, more water park fun before checking out!

Bye bye, GWL! The kids are already talking about "the next time we go!"