Monday, May 21, 2018

Legoland Florida!

On our Disney trip, we spent one day at Legoland (Monday) and one day at Magic Kingdom (wednesday), and the other 3 days (Sunday, Tuesday, Friday) we chilled out around Disney. It was a great mix.

Monday, we got to Legoland very close to opening time (9 am) and stayed until it closed at 5. It was a hot, muggy day, but the kids were troopers and we all had a great time! Poor Paige was very sensitive and nervous on a couple of the rides - this is when we determined that rollercoasters are not for her, at least not yet! She went on one coaster here at was yelling, "It's too fast! I want to get off!"

40 minute drive from Old Key West to Legoland - worth it considering the amazing homeschool discount we got on the tickets!

Meredith wore her birthday crown and got lots of well-wishes, and a birthday button :)

On the Lego Kingdom playground:

Mini-land - the intricacy was incredible.

We ate indoors, in air conditioning :), for lunch, at a pretty good and reasonably-priced burger place.

Lego Fire Academy - an activity where we pumped a fire car and aimed fire hoses to put out Lego City fires:

Lego driving school:

Ninjago world:

Ninjago ride - was a bit scary for Paige!

Lego safari:

Heartlake Lego Friends store!

We could have spent another couple of hours there, and then we would have gotten to see everything (if, of course, it hadn't closed so early). It was a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Disney!! Part 1: Around the Resort/Traveling

The day after we finished the big kids' standardized testing for the year, we packed up and headed for Disney World with my parents, my brothers, and their families!

{This is part 1 of 3-4 about Disney - it's too much for one post! This post is focused on our down time: traveling, the resort, the pools, Disney Springs.}

This was, hands-down, the easiest long car trip ever with these kids - one of the major perks to them getting older!

We stayed the night in Jacksonville on Saturday night, and met up with much of the fam for dinner at a nice brewery.

On Sunday morning, we arrived at Old Key West! 

There's no purpose for this photo, except to show that the adults were there ;) since most picture are of the kids!

Dinner on Monday night with all the cousins!

Sister cuddles

Russell has become interested in cooking, and he wanted to make "his special breakfast" for anyone who would eat it! (Turkey, cheese, bagel)

Old Key West pool:

On our last day, we visited the Lego store and the World of Disney store and walked around Disney Springs:

And we ended the day with a marshmallow roast!

Meredith's Seventh Birthday!

Meredith had a fun and casual birthday this year! On her actual birthday, we went to church, took her to Panera for lunch (her choice), had our neighbors over in the afternoon. She got 4 books from her favorite book series, a swim cover-up, a beach mat from Aunt Nancy, and presents from Paw Paw too. (We also celebrated the next week with family in Disney World :))

Some of Meredith's favorite things at 7: Jojo Siwa (kid pop star), Kids Bop, her best friend Evie, the movie Mulan, the TV shows Pokemon and Odd Squad, the Phoebe and the Unicorn book series and the Owl Diaries book series, dressing up, playing the piano, the stores Claire's and Justice.

Meredith is a sweet, responsible, helpful, sensitive girl who loves friends, her family, going out and learning new things. We're so thankful to have her in our family!

Last Day of CC

The last day of CC for the year was April 3. It always seems to come so quickly! We celebrated with a hot dog/Americana themed potluck, certificates and awards, and a field day. So fun! Our director, Kirstie, gifted me with a CC-themed necklace for serving as a sub for the year, which was so thoughtful.

We love our CC community and are excited to continue the fun with play dates and field trips this summer in anticipation of next year!

Easter 2018

Easter Sunday! It was a beautiful day with a lovely church service, and family over for a ham dinner :) The kids enjoyed their Easter baskets filled with candy, puzzles, their very own clipboards (a highlight), and lotion for the girls.

We made our traditional Resurrection Rolls for breakfast.

Cuties in their Sunday best :)

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!"

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mother/Daughter Keepers Camp Out

So, camping has never been my "thing," but my "things" have changed quite a bit since having children! I think these little people are really broadening my horizons :) My kids love to camp and have each (except for Daphne) been a couple of times with Jason. But this time, Meredith's Keepers of the Faith group at church scheduled a mother/daughter camp out, so it was my turn to go.

I had never set up a tent.
I had never cooked over a fire.
I definitely read an article about what type of makeup one can/should wear while camping.

Now, Meredith and I are pros ;) Or at least, we can say we've done those things once!

Yay, we put up the tent!

Learning to build a fire:

We had burritos and baby carrots for dinner:

Keepers moms down by the lake near sunset:

The night was very cold - the temp got down to 40 degrees, and Meredith and I did not pack enough blankets, so we had to snuggle up during the night to stay warm!

The girls toasted waffles over the fire in the morning for breakfast, and we had those with hard boiled eggs and apples:

 Beautiful morning sunrise!

Meredith and I after Saturday morning devotions:

We had a great time. I could definitely see myself doing that again :)

CC and Homeschool Days

Lots of fun things happened this semester at CC and in our homeschool!

We represented the Wolfpack, the Tar Heels, the Blackhawks, and the Bears for sports team day at CC:

Meredith finished Level 2 of All About Reading:

We had a board game day at CC:

We presented about the famous people we are related to, and made it a clue/guessing game for our CC community:

The kids made New York skylines when we studied Sept 11:

We had a nice turnout for a CC park day:

It was a semester packed with learning and fun!