Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost Sitting!

Meredith is really hitting some great milestones lately!  Today, I got some pictures of her sitting with only the Boppy for support.  She did such a good job!


She seemed to really enjoy sitting and reading/eating her book.



Meredith is also getting up on her knees and elbows (not hands yet) and scooting herself forward by little inches.  Maybe I’ll get pictures of that soon!  Good job, sissy girl (as Russell says)!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun-packed Weekend

Parents and family and friends, oh my!

I barely sat down this weekend, but I loved it anyway!  On Friday afternoon, my parents drove in town and spent the entire afternoon and evening with us.  How nice that was!  They don’t normally make it up here until Saturday on the weekends that they come, so this was wonderful!

We were all laughing at this point because both the kids just wanted Mimi – Russell wanted her to rock him like a baby and Meredith was just fascinated by (eating) her toes.


On Saturday morning, my parents and the kids and I drove over to see Uncle Jon and Kelly.  I hadn’t seen his place and he hadn’t seen the kids in a couple months.  More importantly, I wanted to have a “trial run” with Meredith to see if she had gotten any better about sleeping away from home.  (She hasn’t.  But she was a pretty good trooper anyway – until we got home and she was exhausted and cried in her crib for an hour before going to sleep.)


It was a low-key morning: visiting Jon and Kelly, going for a walk by the lake, and Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Jon has 2 big, energetic (but very well trained) dogs, and Russell was a little unsure of them at first, although he did warm up.  It was the first time Meredith had really been close to dogs, and she seemed to like them.  They definitely liked her!

Bababunda licked her head in this picture!  (She had a bath later!)


The rest of Saturday was spent driving home, relaxing, and having a date! 

Then, we got a few pictures today before church; look at this beautiful girl!


(and yes, I was still in my PJs – got everyone else ready first, but I did eventually get dressed – I didn’t go to church like this!)



This afternoon, we had a reunion for our old singles Sunday school class.  It was so much fun.  Just a bit of trivia: 22 now-married couples met in that class!  We have lots of memories and are still great friends with many of the people with whom we were in this class.

Like Lisa (and hubby David, who wasn’t in Crossroads).  We were roommates; we were in each other’s weddings.  And we are such good friends, in fact, that she stole my baby right when we got to the park.  And I was COMPLETELY happy with that Smile  I love love my babies, but I also really love people who will love my babies and give me a short break!


Some of our friends at the picnic:


Jam-packed weekend!  Whew!  Somehow I doubt the week ahead will give me a chance to catch my breath – but that’s life with 2 children!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Food

I was so diligent about making Russell’s baby food, both for cost reasons and health reasons.  I very rarely bought his baby food.  Not the case with Meredith!  I haven’t made her a single bite of baby food.  Thankfully, she loves the store-bought stuff anyway.

Squash face:


Carrot face:


Sweet potato face:


She had peas last night and loved them just as much as anything else.  Hopefully she’ll be a good eater like her brother is!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Truth about Lunch

I’d love to do a real “day in the life” post one day about what happens here moment to moment so that a) I don’t forget and b) I can point people to it when they ask what I do all day Smile  For now, we’ll start with lunch time.

The reality of having two very young children is that Mommy’s eyes cannot be everywhere (despite what we may tell them).  Lunchtime is tough because we’ve usually been out somewhere and are just getting home, and it’s almost naptime.  Often, no one knows whether they want to eat, sleep, poop, or play, and that causes a lot of whining and crying.

Today was typical.  I could almost hear Russell’s thought process (in the span of 30 seconds, literally):

1) Lunch.  I need lunch.

2) Take my shoes off.

3) Where’s sissy?

4) WHY is lunch taking so long?!

5) Oooh, Sesame Street book.

6) I don’t want to sit in my high chair!

7) Oh look, it’s lunch!

And of course, Meredith was tired and hungry also, so once Russell was settled, I fed her…and she spit up all over her 4th outfit of the day {having changed earlier due to spit up and a poop that was so bad it caused a bath, making us late for story time this morning}.

As I was changing her into a new outfit, I heard something happening in the dining room.  Hmmmm.


Apparently, it was the sound of Russell grabbing the graham cracker box (which I must have left within reach) and dumping them out all over.  When I came in and said “Oh, Russell,” his explanation was “Want some more graham crackers.”  Yes, I see that.

Two bites later (out of 2 different crackers, mind you): “All done.”

And that, my friends, is the story of lunchtime – a normal, typical lunchtime.  (I’ll spare you the aftermath of a crying overtired baby and immediately changing pants from fruit snack stickiness…)

Monday, September 19, 2011


We had some time this afternoon, so I decided I wanted to do an outdoor photo shoot with the kids.  I had 2 goals: 1) to get a good pic of the kids together, and 2) to get a photo I can put on a canvas in Meredith’s room (you can get a free one here, just pay $14.95 shipping).


Almost went with the next one for the canvas:


But decided on this one instead:


They were both happy to be outside – even though we had already gone to the park in the morning!  And I got the photos I wanted!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a big boy!

Warning: this is a potty post!  If you’re not okay with that, stop reading here!  I’ll even give you some blank space below so you don’t have to see pictures Smile














Our BIG BOY pee-peed in the potty today!  (Yes, I did blur part of this photo!  He’s getting up to look at the camera, saying “see picture Russell.”)


We have not started any sort of potty training with Russell.  The only things we have done are: read a potty book (but it’s been weeks), and watched friends pee-pee in the potty (I know at some point soon this will be very unacceptable, but right now it’s very useful!) 

Today, I was getting Meredith up from her nap, and Russell told me he wanted his shirt off.  Okay, done.  I went back to tending  to Meredith.  Next thing I knew, I saw Russell walking in the bathroom, pulling his shorts down, telling me he wanted to go potty.  So I got him undressed and gave him a book, telling him to read it until he went.  Soon after, he got up and said “Russell pee-pee in potty.”  I was in the middle of saying “no, you didn’t, but good try” (because I just expected him not to!) when I looked and saw that he actually had!  I was so excited!

Russell got lots of praise and the chance to wear “big boy undies” (Pull-Ups – I was not going to test my luck with underwear!)  That was the only reward he needed, once he saw that Mater and Lightning McQueen were on the Pull-Ups!


We called Daddy and Mimi, who were both happy to lavish praise on him!  Way to go, Russell!

I guess now it’s time for Mommy to get serious about potty training!

5 months old!

Our little lady is 5 months old!  Wow!


At 5 months, Meredith is:

  • Wearing mostly 6-9 mo clothes, and some 3-6 mo and 6 mo – it just depends on the brand. 
  • Wearing size 2 diapers.
  • Sleeping is going pretty well!  At night, she sleeps from about 7:30pm-7am, waking once to nurse.  She still takes 4 45-min naps most days, although over the last couple days she has taken just 3.
  • AND she’s even been napping well at church on Wednesdays (for our morning Bible study) and Sundays!  Maybe we will be able to travel soon?  (Jason is still deathly afraid after our June trip to my parents’ house!)
  • Eating baby food for dinner.  She absolutely LOVES rice cereal and squash (the only 2 things she’s tried so far).


  • Finding her voice finally!  At the 4 month doctor appointment, I had to tell him that she doesn’t coo – she was just so quiet (although she would laugh).  Now she is much more vocal, and that mostly means a high-pitched squeal mixed with a little cooing.
  • Still very happy and easy-going, although she is starting to let us know that a few things frustrate her.  Namely: when she can’t work a toy the way she wants to (or reach the one she wants), and when her brother is a little too rough with her.
  • Rolling all over the place – when she wants to!  Often she’ll stay in one place for quite a while, and it’s almost like she forgets she can roll.  But other times, I’ll put her down, go in another room for 5 minutes, and come back to find her halfway across the room looking very pleased with herself!
  • This isn’t really developmental, but baby girl has more nicknames than you can shake a stick at! {and now I know I’m truly a member of the R family since I’ve used that phrase!  next thing you know, I’ll be lamenting NC State’s loss of Phillip Rivers!}  Anyway, we call her Sissy (and variations: Sissy Bean, Sissy Girl, Sis), Mer Mer, Mer Bear; Russell loves to call her Sunshine.  I’m trying to call her Meredith sometimes so that she knows that’s her real name!


What a precious blessing you continue to be, Meredith Claire!  You are so loved!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Could not get a good photo of the kids together today.  Could. Not.


I thought giving some instructions might be useful.  Russell tries to follow directions most of the time.

“Russell, play with sissy.” (He took this to mean “push down on her head.”)


“Hold Meredith’s hand.”  (I think he’s in the middle of saying “holding hands” in this photo.)


I did not give this instruction.  He told me he wanted Meredith to eat his arm.  I have no earthly idea why.  But she obliged.


I gave up after that one.  Maybe tomorrow Smile

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recent Phone Photos

With one or two diaper bags, a car seat, a two-year-old, and miscellaneous items (lunch bags, Matchbox cars, etc), I just don’t always have extra hands to carry my “nice” camera with me.  Or feel like messing with the settings.  Thus, here are a few cell phone pics from the past couple weeks.

We met some sweet friends at the park.  I spread out the blanket for Meredith, of course, but Russell hung out on it a lot too:


I love this cute little skirt!


We had a rainy, dreary day last week, so I built Russell his first blanket fort.  He has requested one every day since.  (And I have obliged.)


First day of preschool, and all I had was my phone!  I really should have brought my DSLR for that one.  Oh well, he wouldn’t stay still anyway – he now says “cheese” for a split-second and then runs over saying “see picture Russell.”

Anyway, this was taken out in front of the preschool entrance.  He enjoys wearing his backpack now – I think it makes him feel like a big boy!


And that’s it for now Smile

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Rice Cereal

Last night, Meredith had her first baby food meal – rice cereal!


She thinks it’s great!  She must have been ready to start eating, because she didn’t really make any “what is this?” faces – just lots of smiles!


Jason and I – and even Russell – each got a chance to feed Meredith.  She kept grabbing at the spoon and sticking it farther into her mouth.  And naturally, after many bites, the fingers/thumb went in the mouth too.  She’s such a thumb/finger/fist sucker.


We started baby food at exactly 4 months with Russell – we were so eager to try new things with him.  With Meredith, I would love to keep her a little baby longer Smile Also, the doctor said introducing it anytime between 4 and 6 months was perfectly fine.  I do think it’s good that we started now, as she proved she was definitely ready.  And after a few days of this, the fun part comes: veggies and fruits!

Happy Friday!

I don't know what your Fridays are like, but this is what ours are like! Smiles, tears, crafts, play - a happy kind of chaos!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One, two, three

Guess who found her feet?




Monday, September 5, 2011


We love Chick-Fil-A. Clean, friendly staff, play area that even kids scared of climbing too high (Russell) can play in, great food – can’t say enough about it!  Last week, we met a few friends for lunch.  It actually wasn’t too chaotic!  Maybe the “big kids” (2 year olds) are getting more mature at restaurants?  I don’t know, but it was nice!

Russell, Lily, and Cole played before lunch.



Meredith (and baby Chase, whose photo I didn’t get) were pretty content to watch.  Meredith is a little happier in her carseat now that I put the toy bar on it.


As a treat, we sometimes get Russell chocolate milk when we go to CFA.  He has started realizing this and gets really excited about it!


Food + friends always = fun Smile

Friday, September 2, 2011


Anything you can do…


…I can do better.


He had just as much fun as she does in the exersaucer.  And he’s already confiscated the one car that came on it.