Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Truth about Lunch

I’d love to do a real “day in the life” post one day about what happens here moment to moment so that a) I don’t forget and b) I can point people to it when they ask what I do all day Smile  For now, we’ll start with lunch time.

The reality of having two very young children is that Mommy’s eyes cannot be everywhere (despite what we may tell them).  Lunchtime is tough because we’ve usually been out somewhere and are just getting home, and it’s almost naptime.  Often, no one knows whether they want to eat, sleep, poop, or play, and that causes a lot of whining and crying.

Today was typical.  I could almost hear Russell’s thought process (in the span of 30 seconds, literally):

1) Lunch.  I need lunch.

2) Take my shoes off.

3) Where’s sissy?

4) WHY is lunch taking so long?!

5) Oooh, Sesame Street book.

6) I don’t want to sit in my high chair!

7) Oh look, it’s lunch!

And of course, Meredith was tired and hungry also, so once Russell was settled, I fed her…and she spit up all over her 4th outfit of the day {having changed earlier due to spit up and a poop that was so bad it caused a bath, making us late for story time this morning}.

As I was changing her into a new outfit, I heard something happening in the dining room.  Hmmmm.


Apparently, it was the sound of Russell grabbing the graham cracker box (which I must have left within reach) and dumping them out all over.  When I came in and said “Oh, Russell,” his explanation was “Want some more graham crackers.”  Yes, I see that.

Two bites later (out of 2 different crackers, mind you): “All done.”

And that, my friends, is the story of lunchtime – a normal, typical lunchtime.  (I’ll spare you the aftermath of a crying overtired baby and immediately changing pants from fruit snack stickiness…)

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  1. haha- thanks Jenn, I needed that. Glad to know my life isn't abnormal. :)