Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun-packed Weekend

Parents and family and friends, oh my!

I barely sat down this weekend, but I loved it anyway!  On Friday afternoon, my parents drove in town and spent the entire afternoon and evening with us.  How nice that was!  They don’t normally make it up here until Saturday on the weekends that they come, so this was wonderful!

We were all laughing at this point because both the kids just wanted Mimi – Russell wanted her to rock him like a baby and Meredith was just fascinated by (eating) her toes.


On Saturday morning, my parents and the kids and I drove over to see Uncle Jon and Kelly.  I hadn’t seen his place and he hadn’t seen the kids in a couple months.  More importantly, I wanted to have a “trial run” with Meredith to see if she had gotten any better about sleeping away from home.  (She hasn’t.  But she was a pretty good trooper anyway – until we got home and she was exhausted and cried in her crib for an hour before going to sleep.)


It was a low-key morning: visiting Jon and Kelly, going for a walk by the lake, and Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Jon has 2 big, energetic (but very well trained) dogs, and Russell was a little unsure of them at first, although he did warm up.  It was the first time Meredith had really been close to dogs, and she seemed to like them.  They definitely liked her!

Bababunda licked her head in this picture!  (She had a bath later!)


The rest of Saturday was spent driving home, relaxing, and having a date! 

Then, we got a few pictures today before church; look at this beautiful girl!


(and yes, I was still in my PJs – got everyone else ready first, but I did eventually get dressed – I didn’t go to church like this!)



This afternoon, we had a reunion for our old singles Sunday school class.  It was so much fun.  Just a bit of trivia: 22 now-married couples met in that class!  We have lots of memories and are still great friends with many of the people with whom we were in this class.

Like Lisa (and hubby David, who wasn’t in Crossroads).  We were roommates; we were in each other’s weddings.  And we are such good friends, in fact, that she stole my baby right when we got to the park.  And I was COMPLETELY happy with that Smile  I love love my babies, but I also really love people who will love my babies and give me a short break!


Some of our friends at the picnic:


Jam-packed weekend!  Whew!  Somehow I doubt the week ahead will give me a chance to catch my breath – but that’s life with 2 children!

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