Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recent Phone Photos

With one or two diaper bags, a car seat, a two-year-old, and miscellaneous items (lunch bags, Matchbox cars, etc), I just don’t always have extra hands to carry my “nice” camera with me.  Or feel like messing with the settings.  Thus, here are a few cell phone pics from the past couple weeks.

We met some sweet friends at the park.  I spread out the blanket for Meredith, of course, but Russell hung out on it a lot too:


I love this cute little skirt!


We had a rainy, dreary day last week, so I built Russell his first blanket fort.  He has requested one every day since.  (And I have obliged.)


First day of preschool, and all I had was my phone!  I really should have brought my DSLR for that one.  Oh well, he wouldn’t stay still anyway – he now says “cheese” for a split-second and then runs over saying “see picture Russell.”

Anyway, this was taken out in front of the preschool entrance.  He enjoys wearing his backpack now – I think it makes him feel like a big boy!


And that’s it for now Smile

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