Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tree Climbers

There's a tree in our front yard that the kids have really taken to climbing. (The neighbor kids have, too :))

Valentine's Day

We heart Valentine's Day!

We started the day with everyone giving each other homemade valentines at breakfast. I love to see the kids' creativity and kindness in making these for each other! Jason and I also give the kids each a little gift - this year, they each got a stuffed animal.

After breakfast, we got ready for our CC Valentine's Day review party! There were school review games, Minute to Win It games, pizza, lots of desserts, and valentines. The kids said it was the best CC day ever :)

Birthday Fun

For about a year, I've been enjoying running as my exercise of choice. It's cheap (no gym memberships), it's quiet and peaceful (no loud children ;)),  and it totally gets me in shape in a few runs per week.

So I decided to invite some friends and family to run a 5K with me for my birthday, and then we had a little party!

My 5K time was 30:30 - 9:50 per mile. My best so far (which is really pretty slow, especially compared to Jason, who ran it at an 8:50/mile pace) - but it was fun! And a beautiful day to run.

Jon, Meghan, and kids came over after:

And Jason and I had a nice birthday date at a new restaurant:

Perfect birthday!