Thursday, April 21, 2016

Meredith at 5

Meredith is an amazing girl (and I'm sure I'm not a bit biased! ;)) 

She is helpful: always asking to help make dinner, fold laundry, "babysit" (aka watch the baby while I run to another room), rake the garden - almost anything you can think of, she will do.

She is reserved: taking a while to survey a situation before jumping in.

She is smart: already reading short stories, loves math, has great handwriting.

She is: a budding violinist, a loving friend to her best girls at CBS and preschool, a go-er and do-er and self-motivated. 

At 5, Meredith is petite: 27th percentile in height (at 41.3 in tall) and 47th percentile in weight (at 39 lbs 2 oz). She has perfect vision. She was very resistant to getting her 2 5-yr shots, but as she got them, she realized they weren't that bad. 

Also: in the months leading up to Meredith turning five, Jason and I made a big deal about her finger-sucking (which she still did to sleep), telling her that "five-year-olds don't suck their fingers" and "when you turn five, you won't do that anymore." Well, lo and behold, the very day she turned five, she stopped and hasn't done it since. She said to us, "I know five-year-olds don't suck their fingers, and I'm five now, so I don't do that anymore." I had no idea it would be that easy! We're proud of her!

We're thankful for you, Meredith Claire! Praying for you as you start your five-year-old year :)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Meredith is FIVE!

How can my second child be five years old? That seems impossible! It's exactly as they say, "the days are long, but the years are short."

This is not Meredith's year for a birthday party - we have decided to do big parties every other year - but she was still thoroughly "spoiled!" Fridays are the one day each week that Meredith and Paige go to Kids Day Out at Wesley UMC, and Meredith LOVES it, so she decided she definitely wanted to go on her birthday. She was very excited to see her friends, wear a birthday crown, hold the birthday bear, and bring a huge Frozen-themed cake to share!

After school, Meredith chose to go to the Ball Factory as a family. We hadn't been since Russell's party last year. Always a fun time! (Jason took a half day and came with us. :))

They even gave each of the kids free gelato since it was Meredith's birthday :)

Then, home for dinner, more cake, and presents! Meredith's birthday dinner choice was pork chops, fruit salad, and croissants.

Meredith asked for "lots of little presents" this year so that she would have more things to open :) And her grandparents definitely delivered! She got lip gloss, nail polish, new clothes, Disney Legos and Lego Friends, Beanie Boos, and from Mom and Dad, a Frozen scooter and a Disney Pop-Up Castle board game. She loves all of it!

Happy birthday, Meredith Claire! We loved celebrating you!