Friday, September 9, 2011

First Rice Cereal

Last night, Meredith had her first baby food meal – rice cereal!


She thinks it’s great!  She must have been ready to start eating, because she didn’t really make any “what is this?” faces – just lots of smiles!


Jason and I – and even Russell – each got a chance to feed Meredith.  She kept grabbing at the spoon and sticking it farther into her mouth.  And naturally, after many bites, the fingers/thumb went in the mouth too.  She’s such a thumb/finger/fist sucker.


We started baby food at exactly 4 months with Russell – we were so eager to try new things with him.  With Meredith, I would love to keep her a little baby longer Smile Also, the doctor said introducing it anytime between 4 and 6 months was perfectly fine.  I do think it’s good that we started now, as she proved she was definitely ready.  And after a few days of this, the fun part comes: veggies and fruits!

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