Friday, January 2, 2009

It's a... -12/30/08


I went to visit Mom, Dad, and Jef in Atlanta, and since Mom works at a pregnancy center, I got a free ultrasound! I hated that J couldn't be there, but they have been so busy at work that he couldn't take any more time off. So today I went to Mom's office and wow, does baby look different than 8 weeks ago! He was sitting straight up, Indian-style - so cute! He was jumping up and down a little and his arms were up by his ears. At one point, he was scratching his head.

Because he was sitting Indian-style, she had to do a transvaginal ultrasound to see the anatomy. But it was clear as day - definitely a boy! I'm sure J is already thinking about teaching him various sports and taking him around construction sites :) It makes it more real to know the sex: I can know what kinds of clothes I'm looking for and we can really narrow down names.

Also, we had a wonderful Christmas - I got a Baby Signs book from J's parents, a pregnancy pillow from J, and some maternity clothes from my parents! Among other wonderful non-baby things, of course.

So, things are rolling right along, and our eyes are on June!

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