Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

Russell’s preschool held their Christmas program today!  I just love things like this – so sweet to see all the children dressed as shepherds and donkeys, ringing handbells and dancing and singing.  Jason, Meredith and I, and Grandmother too, all came to see Russell’s stage debut. 

Russell’s class dressed as angels:


All week, he’s been walking carefully around the house, saying “fly like an angel” – so cute.  Now of course, when the time came for them to fly in to the gym (the program was held in the church gym), I don’t think one two-year-old tried to fly.  And Russell was the only one who made a break for Mommy!  But he was happy and wasn’t upset about going back to stand with his class.


They processed around the gym and landed in front of the Christmas tree.


Two-year-old chaos!


Ballerinas and angels and donkeys, oh my!


Russell did so well during the show.  He sat very still.  After the show was over, all the kids went back down to their classes to wait for their parents.  Well, when we got down to Russell’s class, he was very upset.  His teacher told us he broke down when they had to leave the gym because he wanted to get down and go to us.  Poor kid! 

Jason got some good video of the program so after we edit it, I’ll post that too.  Altogether, I think Russell’s first performance was a success!

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