Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas at Pops’ and Mimi’s: day 1

We left bright and early Monday morning to go to Pops and Mimi’s house – in our BRAND NEW (to us) minivan, which I love! (Well, as much as anyone can love a minivan!) This was also Meredith’s first time in her big-girl car seat – what is happening to my baby?


The drive was okay. There were some rough times, as we expected. But we kept Russell mostly entertained with DVDs (another parenting thing I swore I’d never do – DVDs in the car) and Meredith was able to sleep a little.

We pulled in to my parents’ house around 2:30 pm – way past naptime and Russell doesn’t sleep in the car, but he’s at the age where a late nap isn’t the end of the world. So we made it even later by visiting and opening Uncle Jon’s presents!


After nap snack – this girl would much rather feed herself now than eat baby food!


Day 1 was pretty uneventful - just recuperating from the long drive. Day 2 coming up next :)

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