Thursday, December 15, 2011

8 months old!

This was a big month of growing up for Miss Meredith!


  • I have no idea about her length/weight/head circ – next well check is at the end of January.
  • Taking 2 naps per day at around 9:30 am and 1 pm – length varies by day.
  • Bedtime at 7:15ish and wake-time at 6:45ish.
  • Eating solid foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner: breakfast is either baby oatmeal mixed with juice or a jar of fruit; lunch is a fruit or a veggie; dinner is a fruit and a veggie.  We’ve added yogurt to our options now, too, which she likes!
  • We have given her Puffs on occasion as a snack.  She is very good at getting them in her mouth, but sometimes sticks them too far down her throat.  I don’t really know what to do about that so hopefully time will fix it.
  • Still exclusively breastfeeding 5x/day…but that is about to change as Mommy’s milk supply totally tanked.  That could be a whole post in itself.  I am trying to tell myself that at least she got 8 good months of solely breastmilk, no formula – and she still hasn’t had formula yet so there’s still hope – and I know in my head that formula is just fine for babies, etc, etc…I was just personally hoping to breastfeed her until 1 year like I did with Russell.  We will see.


Now, the fun stuff!

  • Meredith is now full-out crawling, not just army crawling – although sometimes she will still army crawl to get somewhere quickly.
  • We had to drop her crib to the lowest setting because girlfriend pulled up – twice!  What?!  How old do you think you are, missy?  (She hasn’t pulled all the way up since, but does get to her knees.)
  • Likes Peek-a-Boo (especially pulling a blanket off her own head) and silly songs. 
  • Loves to watch Daddy dance and to have family dance parties.
  • Does not like her car seat.  She is really ready to move up to the convertible car seat – we just need to find time to go buy another one.
  • She and Russell have started to play together a little.  He loves to tickle her and make her laugh, and wants so much for her to chase him (she’s just a little too slow at this point)!


Happy 8 months, Meredith!  We love you!

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