Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

We got our tree today!

After the kids’ naps this afternoon, we drove to the same church we went to last year. They have a lot (that I suppose they rent out?) on which workers from a tree farm from the mountains sell Christmas trees. All the trees there today had been cut in the past week.

This sweet girl was quite content in the umbrella stroller.



Russell was a little interested in the Christmas trees, but more interested in the cars on the road behind the lot, just like last year. However, he loves to see the decorated trees at stores and our church – he always points them out and tells me they’re “beautiful” – so I think he’ll be much more interested in our tree once it’s decorated.


Once we picked our tree, the workers had to cut it a little with their chainsaw.


The look on Russell’s face was hilarious – he had his head tilted like this for a couple minutes without moving.


Before we left, I had to get a photo with my favorite girl!


The tree is home and up in our living room, but that’s it. Hopefully we’ll trim it tomorrow. Tonight, we decided it was more important to take a walk to our local park and enjoy the luminaries, candy canes, and Santa sighting. Priorities!

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