Friday, December 16, 2011

Playgroup Christmas Party

Our regular playgroup had our 2nd annual Christmas party/book exchange today – so much fun!

We were the last ones to arrive (not shocking – I used to always be on time/early everywhere…well, that ended when I had children because now I’m on their timetable.)  Everyone sat down for a snack when we came in.


And Meredith sat down with her sippy cup Smile


There was a little time for play before opening presents.

I got a cute picture of Cole!


Baby Micah is the newest in the playgroup at 8 weeks old – he is Joshua’s baby brother (not his sissy, like Russell thought!  Russell thinks every baby is a “sissy!”)


Time to open presents!  We number all the gifts, then each parent picks a number, and your child gets that present.  We sit the big kids down on the couch for a few pics (this is a total Mommy shot, not pro-worthy, but sometimes it’s enough just to get a photo.  L to R: Eliza, Cole, Lily, Joshua, Russell):


Then they get to open their present!  Russell’s book is about baby animals going to bed.  It’s very cute; we read it before his nap today and he liked it, so thanks, Heather!


Meredith had a great time, per usual.  She was getting into everything and had no fear.  She’s going to be our Miss Curious and Miss Independent – quite different from her Mr. Cautious brother.


Just 9 days until Christmas!

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