Monday, August 1, 2011

Kacki’s Shorts

Kids say the darndest things! Winking smile (isn’t that how the saying goes?)  Russell has been coming up with a number of funny/sweet things to say lately.  (I’m putting random pictures in this post that may or may not relate to these little stories, but all posts are better with pictures!)

Jesus Me: Meredith’s naptimes (4 each day) are tough times for both Meredith and Russell.  Tough for Meredith because it sometimes takes a few minutes of crying; tough for Russell because he has to try to be quiet while I’m putting her to sleep.  Since Russell wants to be wherever I am, he is sometimes in the room when I’m putting her to sleep.  Lately, when I start to rock her, he always requests “Sing Jesus Me” (aka Jesus Loves Me).  I used to sing that to him while rocking him, so I guess he wants to continue the tradition!

(Picture: Meredith has started being interested in toys and playing!)


Yay, have fun church: After a year and a half of terrible separation anxiety – screaming and sobbing pretty much the entire time I was gone – Russell finally started to get better with us leaving him in the church nursery around the time Meredith was born.  They say most kids regress after a new baby is born, but Russell was the complete opposite; he actually became much more independent, mature, and just happy.  Now whenever we tell him we’re going to church, he says, “yay!  Have fun church!”  Sweetest words to my ears!  And when we pick him up from the nursery, he says the same thing.

Meredith is just a doll in the nursery (she’s been for 3 weeks now) – they always tell us what a good baby she is.  We never heard that with Russell, so it’s such a nice thing to hear and we don’t ever take it for granted!

(Russell and his friends celebrated Cole’s birthday on Saturday – they were so cute eating lunch at this little table!)


Kacki’s Shorts: On Saturday morning, we were getting dressed to go to Cole’s second birthday party.  We put Russell in his green striped shirt and Jason and I were having a discussion about what shorts Russell should wear.  Jason asked me if he had any navy shorts; I said “no, just put him in the khaki shorts.  The khaki shorts are in the dryer.”  We each said “khaki shorts” several times.  Finally I got them out and told Russell to step into them. 

He answered, “No.  Kacki’s shorts.”

We all laughed and I had to explain to him that Mommy didn’t mean it – they weren’t Kacki’s shorts, they were Russell’s shorts.  After that, he had no trouble wearing them!


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