Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOG at the Lake

Our Sunday School class had a day at the lake today!  (The name of our class is Families on the Grow, aka FOG.)  Our good friends and small group members, the T family, have a lake house and invited our entire class down there for the day.  It’s about an hour from our house.  {Actually, my aunt and uncle live at the same lake but we didn’t see them today.}

We decided to only go for half the day, so we got an early start and got there about 9:30.  I was a little worried about the weather – it sprinkled a little on our way there – but the morning was really perfect!

We were the third family there (after the T family, of course, who had spent the night there, and another family got there before us).

Meredith and I shortly after we arrived (I forgot my camera so there are all cell phone pics):


We all walked down to the dock to check out the lake right away.  Russell kept telling us he wanted to get in so he could wash his Matchbox cars (at home, he loves when I plug the sink so he can have a little car wash) – he didn’t know or understand the 30-ft depth of the water!  He also kept asking to take all his clothes off as if he was getting in the bath tub!  Silly kid!

Shortly after we got there, he got to go on his first boat ride!  Meredith and I stayed behind while Jason, Russell, and everyone else rode on the boat.


Jason said he seemed a little nervous about all the wind on the boat and he just sat quietly in Jason’s lap the whole time.  But of course he talked about it the rest of the day – on the way home we heard, “have fun lake, get in boat.”


I’m going to take this time to say what a sweet, sweet girl we have.  She totally went with the flow this morning.  She had fun outside, and inside there were plenty of baby toys to entertain her.  The only issue she has is her sleeping issue: that she has to be in her crib to sleep (or a moving car).  So she slept on the way there and on the way home, but didn’t nap for the 3 1/2 hours we were there.  That’s a pretty long time for a 4-month-old to be awake, but you couldn’t tell; she was still happy as a clam!  (I will say that we totally paid for it when we got home and she was overtired all afternoon, though.)


We pretty much hung out in and around the lake house the rest of the morning: played in the basement with lots of toys, ate a potluck lunch, and played in the baby pool.  Okay, Russell didn’t actually get in the baby pool (no matter what I did, I could not convince him to get in), but he did play around it:


What a nice time to share with friends!  It will be a sweet, fun memory Smile

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