Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Toddler Class

Thursday was Russell’s last day in his toddler class at preschool.  (Yes, he had preschool this summer – that’s one of he reasons I chose his preschool!)  Starting after Labor Day, he will be in the two-year-old class.


I can’t believe how much this little boy has changed and grown since he started preschool in February.  When he began, he wasn’t speaking, was having awful separation anxiety, and needed his lovey and sippy cup (both) constantly in his hands in order to feel even a little comfortable in preschool.  Now he’s talking up a storm – his teachers told me last week that they talked a lot about Meredith that day, is happy to go to preschool and always has a smile when I pick him up, and doesn’t need Fuzzy or the cup anymore (even though he has it in the pic above Smile)!  What a relief for me!

We brought his teachers a thank-you gift: “Kisses for my teacher; thanks a latte!” jars of Hershey kisses and Starbucks cards.


We had promotion Sunday at church this week as well, so he’s in the two-year-old class there too and I was told he did well – but of course, always had a toy car in each hand!  I know I’ve said it before but I can’t stress it enough: we are so, so grateful that he’s doing so well in childcare situations now!

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