Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Heirloom

At one of Russell’s baby showers, he received a very meaningful gift.  Along with it was a note:

The {R} Version of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

In 1942, E. Eugene R joined the U.S. Navy, even though he was officially too young.  As all seamen, he was issued the standard navy uniform, including peacoat and bellbottom pants.

Eight years later, he had returned home, married Jessie Mae W, and was a daddy for the first time to their son, Micah Eugene R.  The talented new mom reconstructed Gene’s Navy bellbottoms into this romper suit for their firstborn.

Twenty-nine years later, Mike became the proud daddy of his own firstborn son, Jason Micah R, and his mother passed this suit down to her first grandson.

Now, another twenty-nine years have flown by, and the suit is being passed along again by another happy grandmother to Jason and Jennifer for their precious firstborn son,

Russell Micah R.


Dan-dan (Jason’s grandfather), Paw Paw, Jason, and now Russell all have photos in this suit.  If I can find and scan the other photos, I’ll add them to this post later.


As a side note, Russell LOVES this suit.  All on his own, he started calling this his “work outfit” – I guess it looks to him like one of Jason’s suits.  He loves to put it on and say he’s going to work.  Then he says he has to take the garbage out and he’ll be right back.  Hilarious!  I guess he knows that Jason takes the trash out in the mornings before work!


Thank you to Kacki for the precious note that will be kept for generations (and probably expanded upon), and of course to Nanny for the romper suit. I can barely read that note without crying – what a sweet and meaningful tradition.

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