Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cookie Day!

Russell is now very familiar with the letter C, but we’re doing a review of C and D this week because, well, I had some cute activities I wanted to do Smile

To review C, today was cookie day!  It turned out to be really fun!

First, we made a puffy paint chocolate chip cookie craft.  I’m never sure which crafts will be a hit with Russell (because it’s about 50/50), but he loved this!

I got the idea here.  The idea was supposed to be fingerpainting, but Russell didn’t really want to touch it.  He really enjoyed stirring the puffy paint with a wooden spoon and painting it on the plate with a paint brush.


I cut out brown paper “chocolate chips;” not sure why, but Russell decided they should all go on the edge of the plate.  Here’s the finished cookie:


After that, we sang “C is for Cookie” (you know, the Cookie Monster song), and I found a video of Cookie Monster singing it on YouTube so we watched that a couple times.  We also own a book called Too Many Cookies, so we read that.

After all that, of course Russell was begging for his own cookie.  So we went to Starbucks.


Such a fun day!  Honestly, I don’t know if he understood the “C'” correlation or not – but he did point out the C in the title of the book and saw it on the YouTube video.  Regardless, it was a fun theme for the day!

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