Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Science Center

Russell, Meredith and I met our friends Kathy and Eliza at the Science Center today.  Russell hadn’t been since February, I think, and based on his reactions I don’t think he remembered it.  It is still definitely an adventure to bring both children to places like this – I’m constantly chasing Russell while at least keeping an eye on the stroller – but Russell really enjoyed it and Meredith was good (per usual) so I’m glad we went!

The Science Center has a small zoo with monkeys, otters, tigers – all kinds of animals – so we started there.  I’m not really sure what exhibit they were checking out here.


Meredith was in the stroller most of the time, but she seemed to like the views!


Both kids in the stroller as we were heading inside after the zoo – Meredith was very sleepy and actually did fall asleep for a few minutes:


There is a good-sized toddler play area inside, so we spent a little time in there.  In addition to playing on the train table (which was a given), Russell found some “food” and went grocery shopping – I thought it was so cute, as he’s never really done this before.


I asked Kathy to snap a quick photo of me and the kids before we left.  This is the best we could do under the circumstances (circumstances being distracted, hungry, sleepy children) – neither looking at the camera but at least they’re not fussing!


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