Sunday, August 7, 2011

family visit

We had such a nice time with my family yesterday (and a little bit before church this morning!)  We really didn’t do much of anything…and that was a good thing Smile

Uncle Jon got to come and had lots of fun playing with Meredith and Russell.  He made up a new “jiggle-wiggle” song that both kids got a kick out of, and he helped to wear out Russell with chasing, horsey, and playing outside.  Always helpful to us to have a tired toddler at the end of the day!


I love Meredith’s hairbows, but they do end up very askew – I think they look a little silly when they get so high up on her head…but like I said, I love them!



We went to Grandmother’s house for appetizers before heading out to dinner:


Russell enjoyed the appetizers too!  (Do you see what I mean about him being worn out?  See how sweaty that child gets?)


Family photo in front of the fireplace Smile


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