Thursday, July 28, 2011

Everyday Stuff

1) Russell and I are still doing our weekly letters.  We’ve done A and B and are working on C currently.  He knows A and B well, but calls b “d” because of his speech.  Should be interesting when we start D next week – I wonder if it will confuse him!

We still do lots of coloring and computer work – when he wants to see the PowerPoint, he goes to the computer and says “A apple.” Smile We also use Starfall (a free educational website), and have started with Do-A-Dot markers (in the high chair pic below, he’s using Do-A-Dot markers for the “B is for Bus” page).  We used stickers on the “C is for caterpillar” page (pic below), which Russell really enjoyed…although when Meredith woke up, he decided it was more fun to decorate her with the stickers!


2) Russell’s speech is growing by leaps and bounds!!  It’s so exciting to watch.  He started saying “no” yesterday.  I know most parents hate that word, but it is much more useful than the screaming we used to get!  For example, now if we ask “are you all done eating?” he can say “no,” instead of a blank stare.  In fact, yesterday when asked that question, he replied, “no, still eating crackers.”  What a HUGE improvement!

3) Both Russell and Meredith love to be read to.  Hopefully this will really cultivate a love of reading and learning for them for life!  I can’t keep both of them on my lap together (Russell tries to sit on Meredith – not out of spite, just because he’s trying to get more comfortable) so they lay down next to each other while I read.  Well, one day Russell decided to pick up a book and read to Meredith!  I know they look like deer in headlights in this photo, but I wanted to capture the moment!


4) Meredith continues to be our little sweetheart! I love our time together on Thursday mornings while Russell is in preschool – that’s the only “alone time” she usually gets!  This morning we did a lot of reading, patty-cake, and laying and talking on this blanket:


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