Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 Year Photos

This is the last post about Russell turning two Smile

I hadn’t taken good, professional photos of Russell since he turned one. You would think I’d take plenty, especially since I have my photography business. However, it is a whole lot harder to take photos of your own kid than photos of someone else’s. At least at this age. And at least, my kid.

Anyway, so tonight we took Russell out to the beautiful park near our house and I ended up with a few photos I really like. These are my favorites.





Yeah, it was really hot, and of course Russell was running around, so he is very sweaty in some. Oh well – he’s 2, and I can look back at these and remember how much exercise he got! And wonder how I ever kept up with him!

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  1. I love his haircut! And the second picture is my favorite!