Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mer Bear

Just a post to show how cute and sweet our baby girl is!

Meredith is growing so fast!  We put her in the Bumbo for the first time over the weekend.  She’s still a bit unsteady in it but can sit in it for a few minutes at a time.


And the photo below is from yesterday.  I’m having a hard time getting her precious smiles on camera, because she goes from smiley to stone-faced as soon as I bring out the camera.  But yesterday I caught some of her normal happiness – maybe not exactly a smile, but she was quite excited!


And lastly, I have to dress my kids up in UNC clothes while I can, because I know they will be brainwashed persuaded otherwise by Jason’s family (and my dad and brother)very soon.  Carolina girl, sweet Southern pearl…


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