Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Jason and I often talk about how we wish our parents lived in town. 

Oh, we absolutely know how blessed we are – we have two healthy, beautiful children, the ability for me to stay home, and so many more blessings from the Lord.  However, it truly does take a village to raise young children, and a big portion of our village is out of town.


That’s why I’m so grateful for my grandmother.  She lives just down the road from us, and she loves to see and help out with the kids.  She acts forever young Smile She will play trucks with Russell, hold a fussy Meredith, take us out to lunch or her country club pool, and just generally be a wonderful grandmother and friend to me.  We see her about once a week.

Last week, she watched Meredith while Russell and I played in the pool, and then we all had lunch together.


This week, we visited her house.  She is so sweet to keep a basket of toys (mostly trucks) that Russell loves to play with.


What an awesome Great-Grandmother she is!  We cherish all of our time with her.

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