Monday, May 30, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

This morning, my mom, Russell, Meredith and I drove to a farm about 30 minutes away to do some strawberry picking. We went to this particular one because Russell's play therapist recommended it. I'm so glad we chose it; it was huge and had lots of things to do!

I had to nurse Meredith in the car as soon as we arrived, so my mom took Russell exploring. They saw the goats, and I'm told that before my mom realized what was happening, Russell kissed one on the nose! Gross, yes, but hilarious too!

When we were all ready, we rode on the tractor up to the strawberry fields. You know Russell loved that!

Picture 028

Russell didn't really pick any strawberries. However, when we first started picking, as soon as I put one in the basket, Russell would grab it and eat it. I didn't think any would actually stay in the bucket, but thankfully he slowed down!

Picture 033

(Look at his hat all askew - so funny :))

Picture 029

Meredith has an outfit for everything :) Here she is in her strawberry outfit:

Picture 030

This is as close as I could get to a photo with both of them in it:

Picture 034

Russell watching Mimi pick strawberries:

Picture 031

When Russell wasn't eating strawberries, he was walking up and down the rows. I had to really stay on him to keep out of the path of the tractor (the road was at the end of the rows).

Picture 035

It was SUPER hot outside, and Russell got pretty whiny after a little bit of picking strawberries. So while my mom paid for our 2 pounds (only $1.15 per pound!), Russell and I sat in the shade and ate some homemade strawberry ice cream.

Picture 036

It was really a wonderful, fun thing to do. Next year we'll pick a cooler day so that Russell can enjoy it a little more.

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