Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend Family Time

This has been an awesome weekend full of family time...

...and nap time...
On Friday, Jason and Russell decided they were sleepy. Did you know a grown man could fit in a crib? Russell found it quite hilarious!

Picture 018

And on Saturday, Jason got some nap time in with Meredith!

Picture 022

(If you're wondering, I did not get a nap - a mother's work is never done, so I was cleaning, and then I actually found time to exercise.)

Also this weekend, we pulled out the activity mat for Meredith's first time. Russell loved it, and Meredith didn't really care about it but couldn't take her eyes off of Russell - I love that they love each other so much already!

Picture 024

Picture 025

My parents were here, and they got some great quality time with their grandchildren:

Picture 023

Like I said, a great weekend! Even though it's been long, it's flown by (sadly!)

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  1. It is so funny how the "older" ones love the "baby" toys! Every time we brought something down for Ryan, Tyler was more excited! He still likes to play with the baby toys! She's a cutie!