Monday, May 30, 2011

Russell's New Table

I love how handy Jason is around the house. He can do just about anything, from tiling a floor to patching drywall to installing a ceiling fan. It is so wonderful, especially on a budget!

We have been wanting a little table for Russell. Even though he has a playroom, he had overtaken the guest bed in Meredith's room, and this is what we spent many hours of many days doing:

Picture 014

Since we're going to move Meredith into her crib soon, we knew it wouldn't work to have Russell coming in (or pounding on the door) to play with his cars. So yesterday, Jason built a beautiful table to hold them! Thank you, honey! :)

Since my parents and my brother were here this weekend, everyone got to play on Russell's new table:

Picture 026

Picture 037

It's obviously unfinished, so my plan is to paint and/or somehow finish it - maybe make it look a little artistic or creative? And eventually it will also be an art table, maybe a tea party table for Meredith, and anything else the kids need to use it for.

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