Saturday, May 7, 2011

(Early) Happy Mother’s Day–to my mom!

My wonderful mama has been here all week – cleaning, cooking, taking care of me and helping me take care of my children.  It has been such a blessing (just as it was to have my mother-in-law here the week before that, and my mom (again) the week before that).

It’s hard to think of a sweeter Mother’s day gift than seeing my kids’ Mimi hanging out with them.


She even gave Meredith her first bottle (of breast milk) yesterday while Jason and I went on a date (we happened to come back about halfway through the bottle, which is how I got this picture):


Love my mama Smile

Hopefully I can be half the mama to this little girl and this little boy that she is to me!  (Meredith and me on the left; Russell and me on the right)


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