Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Russell Funnies

Russell's little personality is so cute and has us cracking up every day :) Here are some recent examples:

Picture 002

1) I got out stickers one morning for Russell and I to play with while Meredith napped. I had paper out also, but Russell decided he had a better idea. He stuck the stickers on his shirt one at a time, and after each one, he clapped and said "yay." Hilarious! You can tell he was proud of himself.

2) Russell now knows to say "cheese" for the camera - he will say it if you ask, and sometimes will say it even if you don't ask. He's actually saying cheese in the photo with the stickers.

Picture 010

3) Russell loves animals: real, stuffed, or cartoon. If you tell him, "look, there's a bunny in the yard!" (which happens often) or, "that's a duck on TV" he will look at the animal and say "hi!" If you give him a toy animal, chances are he will start saying "hop" and making the animal hop on the ground. He thinks all animals hop: bunnies (of course, they actually do), birds, cats, etc - we have tried to tell him otherwise, but he looks at us like we're crazy :)

Picture 005edit

4) More sweet than funny - Russell has started giving kisses. His favorite things to kiss are Fuzzy (his lovey), Lamby (Meredith's lovey), and his little sister :) He has always given great hugs, and now he can say "hug" as well.

I'm going to have to start writing down funny things by the day - he does them so often! I am loving this age (well, besides the ever-present tantrums, but that just comes with the territory).

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