Monday, June 6, 2011


Still trying to catch my breath from this crazy past week and weekend. Poor Russell had strep throat AGAIN last week - it started on Monday and the doctor's office didn't figure out it was strep until yesterday (Sunday), so he has had quite a rough week, with a low to moderate fever every single day. (Well, the doctor's office called it low to moderate - it's been between 99 and 103.4). Thank the Lord it was a short week, and that Jason's parents came down for the weekend! Russell needed some distraction!

This weekend, while Jason's parents were here, Russell got his 2 big birthday gifts (yes, a few weeks early). I only managed to get pictures of one of the gifts: his gift from Jason and me - a swing set! (Don't worry, Paw Paw and Kacki, I will get up photos of your gift soon - I don't want to tell what it is and spoil the blog surprise :))

Russell had fun in the big box while Paw Paw and Daddy put it together:

Picture 318

Picture 319

Then he got to try it out! He loves it! (Jason took pics while I tried to take a nap inside!)

Picture 322

Picture 325

Unfortunately, we had a problem with Russell's favorite thing: the swing. I bought a bucket swing since the set did not come with one. Well, it didn't quite work:

Picture 329edit

...but Jason got it fixed today and it is at the right height now!

This has nothing to do with the swingset, but I can't leave Meredith out! She got a lot of cuddle time with Paw Paw and Kacki this weekend. Other than that, she just laid around looking cute :)

Picture 317

Russell has started an antibiotic now and should be feeling much better very soon. We (I) cannot WAIT to see our friends this week!

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