Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The trip that almost drove us insane

With Russell’s birthday being the weekend after I was in an out-of-town wedding, and having a 2-month-old to boot, I already had serious reservations about throwing him a big party.  And then we found out that Jason had a mandatory company-wide trip over Russell’s birthday weekend, and that the trip just happened to be right near my parents’ house.  “Perfect,” we thought, “visit my parents, small family party, win for everyone!”

Well, it didn’t really turn out that way.  I was going to go into detail about all the things that went wrong, but writing it just made me depressed.  Suffice it to say: my children hate the car; extremely fussy baby all weekend; car trouble which means our car is still in a shop 5 hours away from our home.  That about covers it!

Good things did happen, though.  Mainly in the form of lots of family time.  My extended family got to meet Meredith for the first time – including the fact that her only living great-grandfather got to meet her Smile




We will not be taking another long car trip until we manage to forget this one.  Right now, that sounds like a long time away!

To end on a good note: one highlight of the weekend for me was getting some one-on-one time with my grandfather (Grampy).  He said something to me that made such an impact that I may always remember it; it was exactly what I needed to hear on this stressful trip.  He said (about child-rearing), “As they get older, there aren’t so many things to do for them, but the rewards are greater.”  Reminds me that this is truly just a season!

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