Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

My wonderful sorority sister and college roommate, Alisha, married her sweet fiance Brian this weekend!  Jason, Meredith and I had a fabulous time (and I hear Russell had a great time with Paw Paw and Kacki – I am not crazy enough to bring both kids to an out-of-town wedding that I’m in!)

The rehearsal was on Thursday afternoon, so Meredith and I drove the two hours down by ourselves since Jason (with his new job) didn’t want to have to take two days off.  She was so wonderful – slept all the way down, all the way through the rehearsal, and much of the way through the rehearsal dinner.  So I had some time to visit with my friends and enjoy my food hot – both rare opportunities for me Smile


The bride and groom making a speech:


Brian’s groom’s cake was a surprise to him.  Alisha got an exact replica of his golf bag on the cake (Brian loves golf and played in college).  Um yeah, of course when the cake was about ready to be served, my sweet angel baby decided she was starving.  So I did what any good mom does – stuck a paci in her mouth for 10 minutes so I could eat cake Smile It was delicious, by the way!


The next day, we had no “wedding duties” until 1 pm.  Jason had met us at the hotel the night before.  So we walked around the quaint little downtown area.  At 1 (ish) the bridesmaids all met at Alisha’s parents’ house to get ready.  (If Erin wasn’t in med school, she would be a hairstylist! Ha!)


Alisha and Brian’s wedding was held at a beautiful botanical garden.  It is huge and holds plenty of weddings, so they had a nice bride’s room, which is where we got dressed and waited around…and possibly took sorority-style pictures…


Alisha and her mom:


Ceremony time!  It could have been a lot hotter than it was – we lucked out with some cloud coverage!

They’re Mr. and Mrs!  (Well, Dr. and Mr. technically – ha!) Look how happy Smile


Family photo:


Again, our sweet girl was wonderful for the wedding – she even timed her nursing schedule perfectly (about 45 minutes before the ceremony and a few minutes before the bridal party intro at the reception), and then slept a lot, even though we were seated right next to the (incredibly loud) speakers.


What an awesome weekend!  Congratulations to two of my favorite people – you couldn’t be more perfect for each other!  We were so happy to be a part of this special wedding.

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