Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Brother and Brown-Eyed Girl

What a sweet big brother we have on our hands!


So that I don’t forget, here are a few of the sweet things Russell does for Meredith:

  • if he can hear me patting her on the back to burp her, no matter what room he’s in, he’ll come running over saying, “help, help” to pat her on the back and help burp her Smile
  • when I’m getting her dressed, he thinks it’s funny to point out her belly button
  • he absolutely loves it when I play “patty-cake” or “this little piggy” with Meredith; he asks for more when I’m done
  • he tries to share his toys with her by putting his beloved cars in her hand, and today he shook a rattle for her
  • if he notices that she’s lost her paci and is crying, he sometimes says “uh oh” and reaches to put it back in
  • he tries to feed her Cheerios and goldfish, and tries to let her drink from his sippy cup (we are obviously putting a stop to this, but it’s still cute)

Meredith loves Russell just as much: she follows him around the room with her eyes, and rarely gets upset even if he is a little too rough with her.


Speaking of Meredith, look at those BROWN eyes!  They were never really blue, even when she was first born.  She is our little brown-eyed girl (and you can bet that Mommy sings her that song!)

I love to watch these two interact and can’t wait to see how close (hopefully) they will become as they get older.

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