Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This winter was terrible for Russell, sick-wise. Countless colds, one or two stomach bugs, and the flu (even though he had gotten a flu shot). I hope he's getting it all now so that over the next 17 years, he won't be sick at all :)

The latest thing? Strep throat. Poor baby! He is on antibiotics now and I can tell he's feeling much better already.

What have we been doing in the house?

Pretend Play
Russell loves to do what Mommy and Daddy do. For example, here he is taking his temperature:


He hasn't been interested until very recently, so I'm excited about it! One of his first masterpieces:


I printed off some coloring pages for him with some of his favorite characters (the cars from the Cars movie). At first, he just wanted to look at the pictures, and got mad at me when I tried to color on Mater.


...but now he's starting to get the idea.

Okay, this isn't a "stuck in the house" photo, but isn't it sweet? Russell just loves our sunglasses - although he really doesn't keep his own on. He also gets excited when it's windy out. Those 2 things made for this big smile:


Now that Russell is on the mend, I'm hoping we can go without sickness for a LONG time around here! Especially since a certain baby girl is due in 9 days (not that I'm counting :)).

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