Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meredith is Here!

Sweet Meredith Claire was born on 4/15/11!

My due date was 4/14, and the doctor scheduled me to be induced on Friday, 4/15 if I hadn't gone into labor. Well, of course I hadn't! So Kacki and Paw Paw came up Thursday night to watch Russell, and we were scheduled to go in at 6:30 am.

On Friday morning, we were warming up the car when the hospital called to tell us they didn't have a bed for us. So we were "on call" - went back to sleep and just waited. Around 8:15 am, they called to tell us to come in!

There was apparently a baby boom this week: we got the last available room! We got in and started pitocin around 9:30.


Contractions were pretty slow and not too painful until the doctor broke my water at 1:30. They really picked up around 3, and I got my epidural around 5. That thing was so strong - a little too strong, but at least I couldn't feel the contractions anymore.

Around 7:30 or 8(?) I started feeling bad: nauseous, feeling contraction pain (but not super strong), and just generally bad. Apparently this was transition - I never felt it with Russell. Then at about 8:20, I felt the urge to push. We waited for the doctor, and Meredith came out in just a few pushes - about 5 minutes!


Her official birth time was 8:33 pm. 7 lbs 13 oz, 20.75 inches long.


First pics with Mommy and Daddy:



We came home yesterday (Sunday) around 11, and our whole family - including big brother - has fallen in love with her! More updates coming soon.


  1. congrats!! I am glad the family is doing well :)

  2. awww yeah! glad she is here safe and healthy. hope yall are getting some rest and enjoying your sweet baby girl!

    welcome to the world of 2 kids ;)....let the fun begin :)