Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

He is risen; He is risen, indeed!

We had a lovely little Easter.  Jason and Russell went to church this morning to celebrate our Savior’s death on the cross for us!  We felt Meredith was too little to go yet, so she and I (and my mom) stayed here. 

After church, Russell and Meredith got to open their Easter baskets:


Russell’s favorite thing was the Lightning McQueen sippy cup.  Of course, as soon as he pulled it out, he said “bubbles!”  So we had to explain to him that it was a cup, not bubbles Smile  But he still loved it anyway.


Isn’t Meredith sweet in her bunny outfit?  (And looking like a baby bunny herself, the way she had her hands!)


I got a couple of family Easter photos.  I would have liked to get some outside, but Russell just runs around outside so I thought I’d stick with the indoor ones.



We had a nice Easter lunch with my parents, Jason’s parents, my grandmother, and Jason’s grandmother…which I did not get any photos of, since I was feeding a baby and then feeding myself Smile

After Russell’s nap, he (finally) got to have his very own Easter egg hunt!  Jason “hid” (aka placed in plain sight) eggs in our backyard, and Russell had a blast finding them and putting them in his basket.


What a fun Easter!  We know exactly how blessed we are.  Thank you, Lord, for our precious blessings, and more than that, for Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

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