Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Walk

Last night, Jason, Russell, Meredith, and I went for our first walk as a family of 4 :)  We used our awesome (hand-me-down) double stroller and walked to the park near our house.

Russell and Meredith in the stroller:


Russell was crazy – running around everywhere!  I was so glad we went so he could get some exercise and tire himself out.  We’ve been in the house mostly since Meredith was born (although we try to get Russell out to the park once a day) – he needs to get that toddler energy out!


He has started walking up and down stairs with less and less help – he was proud of himself for walking up and down these steps all by himself!


And Meredith was awake for a few minutes, but mostly, her walk looked like this:


Sweet sleepy girl!  It was a nice first outing for our family – even if it was short (for nursing and bedtime reasons!)

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