Sunday, April 10, 2011

Park Fun

A new park opened here in town today, so Russell, Jason, Kacki (who was in town) and I went to the grand opening! It was really neat: there was live music, some food vendors, and a few people dressed as bugs and butterflies walking around. Russell LOVED it - mostly because it was a new outdoor space where he could run around.

I forgot my camera, so these photos are from Kacki's camera! Thanks Kacki!

Family photo in front of the water fountain:


R is for Russell!


Russell loves to walk over bridges and look at the water underneath.


We saw Eliza and her parents there! We thought a photo on this bench would be cute - too bad neither of the children thought so!


After a hot afternoon at the park, we all needed a little cool-down. Kacki bought us smoothies. Look at how red Russell's face was from playing outside!


What a nice afternoon! We will go back to that park again - it was fun!


  1. Jen! I just noticed your ticker!! Wow, where did your pregnancy go?!

  2. I forgot about the park opening! I was going to take the kids and check it out! It looks like it is going to be a nice park. Glad everyone had a good time!

  3. You are getting so close! I keep checking thinking there will be pictures of Meredith!