Friday, March 25, 2011

Meredith's Nursery

Meredith's nursery is a definite work-in-progress. Since we only have 3 bedrooms, her nursery is doubling as a guest room for a couple months (until she is sleeping in her crib). We need a guest bed, because I'm expecting/hoping for lots of help staying with us!

Because of the bed taking up so much space, her furniture is not really organized right now. And we have yet to hang the valances for the windows, and the rug won't be laid out until the bed is gone. Such is the life of a second child :) Here is her nursery, for now!

Below: the view from the doorway. Bow holder, glider, crib. You can see the dresser on the left wall and the nightstand on the right wall.


I just love how the vinyl wall hanging of her name turned out (even though it was really hard to hang/stick!)


Here's a close-up of her hair bow holder. I saw some like this online, and thought it would be super easy to make, so I did! She obviously needs more bows, though!


On the left wall, we have her dresser/changing table, and Jason hung that shelf above it for decoration. (A little bit of trivia: we used that shelf as a "mantle" in our condo!)


Shelf decor. The picture frame has an ultrasound photo in it right now. I LOVE the cross next to it - my mom and I found it at Hobby Lobby. And the piggy bank is cute - but so many people have told me, "wait, Russell doesn't even have a piggy bank!" I didn't really think that was an issue, but I guess it is! Lastly, the "believe in yourself" plaque used to hang in my carrel in the study room at the sorority house in college!


Baby necessities on the dresser :)


The guest room portion of Meredith's room. The picture frames will have her newborn photos in them.


Everything is ready and waiting! We are in the weekly doctor appointments now, and things are progressing, so maybe she won't be late like Russell was...only time will tell :)

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