Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunny Days

Today was so nice and pleasant outside! After Russell's nap, we took the big stroller and headed to the park. (Russell gets so excited to get in the big stroller, as opposed to the umbrella stroller that we use for shopping trips.)

I just had my cell phone with me, but had to get a couple pictures. Can't you see how happy he was?



He saw several dogs, and a truck and a tractor that workers were using to help trim trees and bushes at the park. He was in heaven!

And this one is from a couple weeks ago but so cute: we were on our way home from a play date, and only in the car for 15 minutes, and he must have been exhausted because he absolutely never falls asleep in the car. So I had to capture it :)


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  1. Jennifer,
    I got to your blog from Shelby's blog. I went to college with her. I wanted to tell you that my son started speech when he was 18 months old. He started in Babies Can't Wait and private too. I will tell you that I don't regret that decision one bit. Everyone told me that it was too early for him and that he was a boy and just behind. But, it was the best decision ever. He just turned 3 and graduated from the program and doesn't need any more help. I wish you tons of luck in your journey, but want to encourage you. You will not regret getting him help early. If you ever have any questions from a mom who was in your shoes and a little worried, let me know. Jennifer Stahl