Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hilton Head Part 3: Sunny Skies and Beaches

Unless you looked at a calendar, you wouldn't have known it was February while we were in Hilton Head this weekend! The high was between 65 and 75 every day we were there, and a lot of the time we wore short sleeve shirts.

We went on several walks near the boats:



We also walked on the beach a little bit. Russell loved it! We knew he would since he loved it in September when we went, but this time he could actually walk. He liked feeling the sand between his toes. We only went on the beach for a little bit - it was so breezy that he wasn't really dressed appropriately.


So we went to the pool next to the beach, which was sheltered from the wind and felt warmer. They keep the pool heated, so it was comfortable enough to get in. Russell kept looking and smiling at the pool:


Unfortunately for him, I don't own a maternity bathing suit, and no one else was wearing a bathing suit either, so he had to settle for playing on the pool steps. He didn't seem to notice he was missing anything - he had a blast!


Okay, so that's all for my Hilton Head posts. We had a lot of fun and I'm so glad we went. Who knows when our next vacation will be? We'll have our hands too full to even think about it soon enough :)

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