Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hilton Head Part 1: Disney Resort

We had the awesome opportunity to have a 4-day weekend at Hilton Head with my parents this past weekend. As I'm 32 weeks pregnant, we knew this would be the last time we could do something like this before Meredith comes, and the last time for a vacation as a family of 3.

Even though Russell and I both had colds, I am so glad we went. It is exhausting to travel with a toddler, but Russell was very good on the 6-hour car ride.

We stayed at the Disney resort on Hilton Head. Jason and I like Disney, but we aren't "Disney people" - you know, some people are Disney super fans and we're not them. Regardless, I think this is an awesome place to go with young kids. Plus, Disney resorts are always well-kept, well-decorated, very clean, and have some planned activities, so those are great things.

We may not be "Disney people" but Russell very well might be! He absolutely loved this Mickey statue in the lobby.


(side note: why, yes, I am wearing my husband's coat - I refuse to buy a maternity coat for what I think will be my last pregnancy!)


The playground, of course, was a favorite spot of Russell's. There were no swings, but I don't think he missed them, since Pops and Daddy went down all the slides with him multiple times!


The kiddie pool was right by the playground, and he just loved the frogs that shot out water - here he is, totally soaking Mimi:


The resort has its own mascot - a very well behaved dog named Shadow. Russell was so excited to see Shadow, and was very gentle with her, petting her softly.


It was so nice to see Russell bonding with my parents. At one point, he was bringing a book to me to read to him, then changed his mind and took it to my dad. I just loved that - it shows me how he loves them.



Hopefully tomorrow I will post about some other things we did in Hilton Head - I just felt it was too much for one post!

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