Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playgroup Valentine Party

Kathy and Eliza hosted a fun Valentine's party for our playgroup yesterday!

Kathy provided some yummy snacks, and everyone brought a homemade mailbox for the kids' Valentines.

My creation

The moms distributed Valentines to each child's box; of course, the kids had no idea this was going on, and they didn't really care! Let's face it - at this point, these parties are about 70% for the moms and 30% for the kids - and that may be generous :)

Somehow we got all the kids to sit on the couch again for photos. (Maybe they're getting more mature and willing to sit for longer? Or maybe most of them were just entertained by their party favors (Slinkies).) They all looked so cute in their red, white, and pink!



Then we gave them their boxes of Valentines. Russell actually picked up each one separately and looked at them - it was so cute!


And then came what we all knew would be the most popular part of the party: cookies! The kids were supposed to be decorating them. Do you think my child did that? Of course not - give him sweets, and they are inhaled.

Each child had an individual container of sprinkles for decorating. My son tried to drink the sprinkles straight from the container. (I really wish I had a picture of that - but at the time, I was just trying to keep him from dumping them!)

My creation

Holidays, in my opinion, are so much more fun with kids! Happy early Valentine's Day!

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