Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Day of School

We knew we wanted to put Russell in preschool for several reasons, but went back and forth about when to start him. Well, although it may not be traditional, today - a random Thursday in February - was Russell's first day of preschool! He is only going 1 day a week, from 9-1. He's going to a church that's 5 minutes from our house.

Here is his stuff before we left - packed and ready to go:


Everyone needs a special breakfast before the first day of school, right? We had made-from-scratch pancakes and a banana on the side.


Here's his first-day-of-school outfit. You can see him trying to take the backpack off. It's only his second time wearing it; hopefully he'll get used to it soon!


Look at my big boy! Walking to the car with his backpack on; this picture almost made me lose it. I can't believe he's not a baby anymore...but I guess that's a good thing, since we'll have another one soon!


We were one of the first in his classroom, so the teachers weren't too busy. I made one of his teachers take a photo of us - don't worry, I brought my point-and-shoot instead of my DSLR - I thought that might be asking too much! It's really not a good photo of either of us, but I'm so glad I have it.


I was so worried about how he'd do. Well, he barely made a peep when I handed him to the teacher, and by the time I'd finished signing him in (which took about 1 minute) and peeked back in the room, he was already standing with 2 new friends, looking happy. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

I definitely cried in the parking lot. We can blame that on pregnancy hormones ;)

I called at 11 to check in - I had decided that I would pick him up early if he wasn't doing well. They said he'd been doing great all morning and was playing in the play room at the moment. So I didn't pick him up until 1. He had a great day!

I had an ultrasound for Meredith this morning, and she's doing well too! So wonderful to have (almost) 2 healthy, happy children!

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